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Shari Alyse and Anna Pereira

Co-Founders of the Wellness Universe

Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse are co-founders of The Wellness Universe. Anna is a jewelry designer and inspirational entrepreneur who has cultivated a Facebook page full of supportive, empowering motivating quotes with over 800K fans. Shari is an Author, Vlogger, Blogger, and Speaker. She creates inspirational videos called Sharing with Shari and published a book called “The Little Book of Soul Hugs.” She also has a strong social media following with more than 90,000 FB fans. Visit The Wellness Universe

Interview Transcript

Dr. Gabby: You are listening to the Women in Wellness Career Summit, a program to help you create gorgeous growth for your blissful business, and health and wellness. I’m Dr Gabby, holistic health expert and founder of Women in Wellness Career Training, a one of a kind course and community designed to empower and inform you about how to build a purposeful and profitable holistic business. I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you. It’s full of so much information and insight for anyone who’s working really hard to make a positive impact in the world. I brought some guests on the program that I just know you’re going to love. For today’s interview I’ve invited Anna Herrera and Shari Alyse, cofounders of The Wellness Universe. Anna’s a jewelry designer and inspirational entrepreneur, who has cultivated a Facebook page full of supportive, empowering, motivating quotes with over 800,000 fans. Shari’s an author, vlogger, blogger, and speaker. She creates inspirational videos called “Sharing with Shari” and published a book called “The Little Book Of Soul Hugs.” She has a strong social media following with more than 90,000 Facebook fans. Welcome Anna and Shari, thanks so much for joining us.

Shari: Thank you Gabby. Thanks so much for having us here.

Anna: Yeah, thank you so much! We really appreciate the honor of being here with you.

Dr. Gabby: I’ve reached out to you guys specifically because I love The Wellness Universe and I am a member. And, it feels so juicy to be part of that community, the communication among the members is so positive and supportive. I’m wondering if you could tell me why you started this Wellness Universe?

Anna: Ok. Well it’s a long story, but I’ll try to make it as brief as possible. Essentially as I went along and had created a jewelry line and my Facebook fan page, I started letting out of the bag who I really am, and started being more motivational – inspirational through my page. And the content on my page reflected who I am and through that I got to know a massive community of people, who are doing the same thing with their Facebook fan pages, either being inspirational – motivational, or they actually have a business built around it and they’re using their Facebook fan page to do that. As we found more and more challenges come up, the bigger and bigger Facebook is growing, I said “Oh no. We need to find our own community and we need to really chisel out our own space,” which requires a technology platform being built, which also requires a whole community coming together on a separate platform. So, essentially while I was thinking about this and mulling it all over, and thinking of all the challenges these health and wellness experts (which they are experts, they just sometimes don’t really know it yet), need to come together. I asked Shari to come along with me for this wild, wacky, fun, exciting ride and come with me and let’s create The Wellness Universe, where everybody’s going to gather and bring their light and shine it into the world.

Dr. Gabby: Shari why did you say “Yes”?

Shari: That’s an interesting story as well. I have spent the majority of my life trying to help people personally, with my videos, with writing, and really bring out the best in everybody. It’s been my mission. And, along this journey I’ve had some doors close or just not open at all. So I was just really at the point where I realized, that I needed to step back and stop trying to control how things showed up in my life, and how it had to come in a perfect little package, with a red bow. So, a week before Anna contacted me about this, I had literally just said, “You know what? I’m just going to step back, and my intention is to help the world, my intention is to bring peace to people’s lives and that’s it.” And about a week later, Anna suggested this to me. Now, if it was a week before, I would have been, “Technology and a platform, and no. I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer, I’m a speaker. I do all this.” And as soon as she asked me, I didn’t even think, I go “Yeah! Ok, sure!” Not knowing what I was getting into. But as I’ve come along, what I’ve realized is that I was doing so much on my own and I am making an impact, but I realized as a team and as a community we can do so much more. So, for me it’s just a way to be able to continue what I plan on doing, but in a massive, massive way.

Dr. Gabby: I think that’s like a super important point, this idea of team. I watched another interview that you guys did, and you talked about the difference between collaboration and competition. I think that’s a mindset shift that we have to make. I know, a lot of my students, they’re super intimidated by the people that are already out there, publishing their books, and having thousands of Facebook fans, and it feels like there’s not enough to go around. I’m wondering, how do you create that sense of collaboration and cooperation?

Anna: Well, first that’s such… oh my gosh! Gabby if you were told you had a certain diagnosis from a doctor, God forbid, wouldn’t you want another doctor to get a second opinion, and a third opinion, and a fourth opinion? And imagine if they weren’t around. That would be the worse case scenario, right? So, essentially the people, it’s their own stepping into their own light and their own level of confidence, they have to have within themselves. What we try to do is foster and nurture them being unique, them having a very special gift only given to them by the divine. The Universe will always expand for everyone’s gift to fit under the trees, to shine their light. There’s enough, there’s more than enough. And, you can not handle the people that need the help. There are more people that need help in the world, than there are helpers. Period. End of story.

Shari: I tried. I’ve tried. I tried doing it all and being everything to everybody. And, you just can’t. I do coaching as well (Sorry to interrupt you Anna)…

Anna: No you’re not.

Shari: Ok. I do coaching as well and I realized that there’s a lot of things that I don’t know, but that another coach is really good at. When you offer more to the world and show that there’s more, more ends up coming back to you anyway. So, by expanding and showing our members and the people that, there’s more than enough and there’s abundance, and the more you network with each other, you’re just going to end up having more anyway. So, Anna’s perfectly right when she said about that we each have this unique contribution to the world. I’m going to something different, even though it might be the same, but it’s completely different in my own way. Everybody has that. And, not everybody goes to Anna’s messages, her and I as a team in The Wellness Universe, she presents something in some way and I could present the information and she’s going to have some people who are really connected to her and I have some people who are really connected to me, and get me. It’s the way it is.

Dr. Gabby: I have a similar kind of perception that different people are going to resonate with different practitioners and different coaches and things like that. That’s why we have to have all these different people putting out their message and putting out their content. I’m wondering, most of the people that are listening, they have the passion, they have the inspiration, and then they hit the marketplace. It’s a struggle for a lot of practitioners, who are heart centered to build the email list, to write the content, earn the living, and create the platform, all these things that you guys have managed to do really successfully. So, do you have specific advice for heart-centered practitioners that are maybe confused, ambivalent, overwhelmed, resistant to the sales and marketing aspect of things?

Anna: You know Gabby, I’m going to let Shari answer that, because she actually has a lot of experience in that mindset and how to adopt becoming a business person (big scary word), business person within doing what you love. So Shari, I’ll let you answer that.

Shari: Well, it’s funny Gabby, because as soon as you said that, I was like “It hits home.” Because that’s one of the reasons why, in my former life I was an actor, and really just being able to turn myself into a business was so challenging for me. Because, I only see… being a speaker and all the things I was doing, I kept seeing myself as just being a creative, a creator. And, I didn’t really understand the business aspect of it. So, it was super challenging for me to adapt that, because I’m not a business person. When I think of business, I think of chart graphs and pie graphs, and all that stuff and my mind just kaput and I’m like “No, I can’t.” Honestly, my advice personally, because it’s not something I was able to do on my own, is that I was able to team with somebody. And again, here is the thing about not doing it alone and being able to find someone. I was able to find Anna, who does know about networking and marketing and promoting, and being able to open myself up to it and learn. So, sometimes you don’t have to do it all on your own. Now as I’ve gone along and learned about it and I understand it, it is just like anything else where you take one step and you focus on one thing, you learn a little bit about it and you do it each day, and you realize more than anything that if you take your head out of the fact that it’s a business and you really are just sharing what you love. And, when you share what you love, people want to come to you, people want to do… you know what I mean? So, when you’re building your email list, it’s not about “Oh I don’t really want to bother people,” it’s more about “I have something I’m so excited to share with you and I can not wait to get it into your hands.” So it’s kind of like that mindshift of really knowing what it is that you’re doing and selling and giving, and providing and then just run with it.

Anna: If I could add to that?

Dr. Gabby: Yes. I want to hear from you too.

Anna: I just wanted to add to that. Now there’s the other side of it, where people are so excited and so passionate that they don’t think now about their client. They don’t think about that they’re being overwhelming and it’s like super self-promoting or all in your face. Then you totally miss, what are really offering somebody, because there are people out there trying to shake every tree. There’s a balance there. So there are the people that are timid, the people that don’t see themselves as a business person, don’t do the proper steps that need to be taken. Like your email lists, like promoting yourself in a way that it’s done through your heart. My advice is, really sit with yourself, figure out what your goals are, and listen to what your heart is telling you to do, and act in a way and in a manner in which you wish to be approached. Just like if you go into a store, you don’t want to walk into a store… Let’s say Gabby you’re shopping for something specific, let’s say a gown, ok? Ok… gown shopping is not something you do everyday so you really do need help sometimes. You somebody to approach you “Can I help you?” It doesn’t mean somebody’s all up in your face like, “Can I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you?”

Dr. Gabby: Like the perfume ladies that attack you with all the perfume when you’re walking through Macy’s?

Shari: “Oh my God! Let me put this dress on you! Come over here let me do this for you!”

Anna: Yeah! There’s a way to do it. There’s a way to manage… and that’s what I think people need to get comfortable with when they’re getting into the business of wellness.

Dr. Gabby: I have the sense that you’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time. Like you were doing the jewelry and it seems almost intuitive to you how to manage the strategy and the practice and stuff. Do you have any tips for the very newbies, like the beginners? Would you suggest they get a business coach? Would you suggest they make a plan?

Anna: I suggest that they join The Wellness Universe, which is thewellnessuniverse.com and they get a lot of information there.

Dr. Gabby: But, tell me why. So, what do you think is… what would help them if they joined The Wellness Universe?

Anna: Well first of all, we already weeded through and sifted through what’s real information and what’s fake information. Because Gabby, you and I know since we’re internet savvy people, (and Shari of course) there’s a lot of stuff out there that people push as a marketing tactic or plan or strategy to get rich or make money. But it’s actually just a technique based on what’s hot at the moment and it’s not a real solution to be successful. What Shari and I teach and what we bring people like you to forefront, and teach real tactical measures that you can implement to be successful. Like Lisa Mininni, she teaches on your hardwiring. So it’s not only how successful you are in your hardwiring, but how when you interact with a potential client their hardwiring and how to communicate with that person. So, this is real, strategic, tactical, put into place strategies, not just get rich quick type of things. So, when you’re in The Wellness Universe, we really say we base everything on integrity, we’re transparent about everything. And we really try to put the tools in people’s hands, that really do further the person in self growth, not just how to manage a sale and then you get rich off of that sale and then what do you do for the rest of the year? For instance. Do you know what I mean?

Dr. Gabby: Yeah!

Anna: Go ahead Shari.

Shari: And what’s beautiful in our community, is that if you are a newbie (and we have so many), is that there literally are tips everyday. Ways to like… How do you start? How do you start a newsletter? How do you start an email? And like Anna said, we provide for you the experts that do it, so there’s really like this massive amount of information that goes for anybody on all different levels. Because, our intention is to nurture every single person that has a desire to change the world. We believe that you should be making a living off what you’re doing, because then you’re able to give the best of who you are, because you already have the resources you need to thrive. So, we feel like it’s in our best interest at The Wellness Universe, to nurture and to get you to be at your to level, so that you can give that to the world. So, want them. We want everyone that’s looking to change the world.

Anna: You have my vote Shari!

Dr. Gabby: Yeah that’s really exciting! That kind of community can really support and foster that growth so that they can have the tips and tools they need. I’ve noticed, I don’t know if it’s just recently, I feel like in the last year or so there’s been an explosion of these online programs “Make six figures! Make six figures!” I feel like there’s…

Anna: Right! That’s exactly what I was talking about Gabby! Those are the things that are all over Twitter, all over Facebook, all over everywhere, Pinterest. It’s everywhere. It’s these get rich quick tactics. If you didn’t get on on the time the person who manufactured those, made those, everybody has a course now, everybody has this, everybody has that. And it’s so… It’s such an intangible thing. You don’t know when that wave is going to crash. You need to learn the real skills, like going to college and going to school. The Wellness Universe gives you real skills, real tips, real things that you need to do. Like yes, build your email list. Don’t worry about how many fans you have on your Facebook page, it’s the actual engagements, the connecting with those fans. Who’s really a client? Are they really going to be a client of yours? The real things. Get there, shake a hand. Get out there and meet your real community, because those are going to be your clients in real life too. So, these are the things that really are what matters in real life success, not the get rich quick type of stuff.

Shari: And the most important thing, when you’re mentioning these “get rich” all this kind of stuff, it’s all about their system and the way that they do it. And what we really encourage is for every single business owner and entrepreneur, it to be who they are, is to be themselves and then take these tips and tools and use them, but still be who they are. Not like turn into this kind of salesperson or do this, and it’s more about adapting these in the way that they know how and the way that feels good for them, that they’re still authentic and who they are.

Dr. Gabby: Right. And one of my experiences like you mentioned “getting out there” right? Getting out there, being authentic, being transparent, shaking a hand, it seems that some people are kind of using the internet to hide. Right? It’s safe to just be at home and posting on social media, and not really getting out. I mean, as I started my practice, I started as a massage therapist 20 years ago, that was like a face to face thing. I needed to be with people and I feel like that helped me get over that fear of being with people. Do you think it’s equally important to be in the real world as it is to be online?

Anna: Equally important? It’s more than important, because this is what’s creating this rift, this separation. Because everybody’s “Oh, I like that, I want that. I like the feeling I get of thinking of doing that, but when I actually go to do it, do I actually have the confidence and skill set to do it?” And, being in person is really what it is. Not everything is going to be transacted over a PayPal account. Not everything’s going to be transacted over a screen. It’s just not. Human to human contact is really what we’re going to be craving for in the next few years. You wait and see. There’s going to be a shift, there’s going to be a turn around. It’s wonderful to join online stuff and everything else, but the face-to-face and real person contact is what we’re all here for. We’re born. We’re put on this earth because two people came together. And you know, you need people to come together and that’s ultimately what we’re creating also, is events and things like that. But, bring people together in the community, virtual community of the same frame of mind, the co-creators, the collaborators, the community and then also getting them out there. You know, because you’re forming them together, it’s almost like recruiting people like back in the day. You go into the classifieds and you apply to something and you become part of something, you meet up somewhere, you become part of something. Now we can do that online, but then you’ve got to take it back out again. You’ve got to be out and meet the people and shake a hand, give a hug.

Shari: I think we’ve forgotten what it’s like to connect with people, because we’re so used to being on the computer. Anna and I just recently went on a cruise for a speaking summit. We were able to meet other Wellness Universe members in person and it was… You forget how good it feels to really connect with people. And we formed such deeper connection, than what we were doing online. I think if people… they need to make it a priority in their business. It’s great to make those initial connections online, but you have to get out in the world, and you have to look at people in the eyes, and that’s where the real growth of your business is going to be. Because people are really, when they see you face to face, they’re going to stand behind you, they’re going to support you, and they’re going to shout you out from the rooftops.

Anna: And not only that Gabby, just to add to that. For example, I used to do craft shows when … You hit it on the head, I do have a lineage of entrepreneurship in my blood. When I did craft shows, I could make four figures very easily in doing a craft show. If I had my t-shirts in my etsy shop, I’m lucky if I sold one a week. You know, it’s a huge difference also to your pocket, in your actual monetary success. Doing something live and being out there, and forming your clients face to face or doing it online. I mean, I can’t tell you how many people will Reiki as Distance Reiki, but ask them how many clients they have doing Distance Reiki. If they just set up shop at a local crystal place or some sort of metaphysical place on the weekend, or got their own little place and put more energy into do something live, they would probably would get more clientele, but, it’s a bigger risk. That’s the problem, that’s what scares people. They don’t want to put the money risk into office space or something like that. But, you can go weeks without getting a client for Distance Reiki session. But that’s where The Wellness Universe and the community comes in. We help expand on the promotional people’s messages.

Shari: And that’s what’s great. I mean online is great, because that’s how you’re going to initially meet people from everywhere and that’s how we’ve built our community. But, what we’re trying to do within the community is to say, “Ok, now that we’re all here, let’s make a plan to go out there and do the work, and, let’s do events, and let’s get in front of people.” So, definitely bring the two together, yes.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah! I want to come. Can I come?

Shari: Yes, absolutely! You just volunteered yourself.

Dr. Gabby: I’m volunteering!

Shari: Alright!

Dr. Gabby: I’ve heard both of you say that The Wellness Universe is part of a larger vision. Can you share some of that vision, in terms of how this is going to grow and change?

Anna: Shari?

Shari: I just did that to you! Well, I’m not sure how much you want to speak about. I mean, basically it’s huge. Right now what you see, what everybody sees when they go there is a directory of all of the experts, and you’ll see the blogs of people’s material and everything that’s out there. If you’re a member, you have the private community forum, which is where we all get to connect. What we’re building next is going to be it’s own platform. Interactive, so the public comes in, and they’re accessible to every single person, to every one of our experts, that they’re able to communicate with, to make appointments with, talk. It’s going to be a full blown platform, where you have live streaming, it’ll be a publishing, it’ll be media, it’s going to be everything good, everything positive. We have huge plans. Anna, just go. There’s so much excitement with it.

Anna: It’s going to be a lifestyle, essentially. It’s going to be a lifestyle. Like we said for the live events, if you can imagine events taking place in cities across the world, simultaneously, because they’re all fostered by community members. It’s not like we’re putting them on, you know what I mean? I don’t know if you’re familiar with Etsy, for instance.

Dr. Gabby: Yes.

Anna: So you’re familiar?

Dr. Gabby: Yes.

Anna: So crafters get together and they form their own renegade craft shows. You know? They meet up on Etsy. Etsy’s not getting a piece of the action with that, you know? But, it’s getting society, getting people back to where we are. Because that’s ultimately our goal. We need to get back to a place and a space that is going to bring about peace on this planet. Bringing people together, getting everyone to understand, bring all the people who do believe in the same thing to amplify that, is really how we’re going to get there.

Dr. Gabby: That sounds really exciting.

Shari: Gabby, we’re honestly just trying to lead a bunch of leaders. That’s really what it is, to go out there and give their best, do their best, and help as many people as we can. And any way that we can spread that and do that, that’s the intention of The Wellness Universe. To be everywhere. The go to resource.

Dr. Gabby: How would you define “leadership” or being a “leader?” What does that mean for you?

Anna: A mom is a leader. Anybody can be a mom, right? Anybody can be a mom, even a guy can be a mom. You have to believe in what you’re saying, believe in what you’re doing. That’s it. Really.

Shari: For me leadership is someone who steps up and takes action. Doesn’t just talk about it. It’s somebody that puts themselves out there on the frontline and says “Hey, this is what I believe in and I’m going to keep taking steps and doing it,” because it’s great to be inspired but until you actually take action, it doesn’t mean anything. And so for me, our people are taking action, they have made a choice to speak up and speak out, and do something to help change the world. That’s a leader to me.

Dr. Gabby: How do you, for yourself personally, maintain the motivation and everything to be productive? Because there’s days where you get up and you’re like “I don’t want to do this.” Right?

Anna: We don’t have those days Gabby. I swear I’m not even kidding. We can’t stop. Honestly, this is the divine gift that we’ve been given, thank God. Shari probably would want me to reel it in sometimes.

Shari: Because we’re The Wellness Universe and I say we have to be “well.” We have to rest too.

Anna: Even when she says that she’s like “Oh my God, I was walking today. I was hiking today” and she’s making her voice notes, and she comes back and gives me her voice notes. And she’s like huffing and puffing, and I’m like “Wait a minute… what did you do for yourself today?” So, even when we say we’re going to take time for ourselves, I think we’re just tricking ourselves.

Shari: But really, what we also do for each other is, we balance each other out. We definitely have days where one of us is a little more low energy and so the other one’s there. I think what keeps us going is, our intention is the motivation underneath this. We know how important this is and we believe in it so much, so how could we possibly not keep going?

Anna: Yeah.

Dr. Gabby: That’s really exciting! I think that for some people, they struggle with maintaining the action. It’s easy to just go and watch another TED talk, or watch someone’s vlog sometimes than it is to be in that action mode. So, it’s exciting and inspiring to see that you guys can maintain that forward movement, with everything that you’re doing.

Shari: I think you definitely have to be surrounded by people that do support you and encourage you. Because like said, in my former life I was inspired a lot and talked a lot about what I wanted to do, but I didn’t always take action. I mean, I did like pseudo, I got like halfway successful, you know? But, I fell into the trap of being like “Ok, tomorrow,” you know? And then, I started spending more time, and I watched those TED talks, and I watched the motivational speakers, and I did get inspired and more and more I did start taking action. Part of that was knowing that I had to and then attracting to people in my life that would help me continue that, which is Anna and The Wellness Universe.

Anna: And Gabby, honestly what Shari just said, is the proof is in the pudding right there. Because, when you’re a solopreneur, which is what you’re talking about, I’ve experienced that too, I had a social disorder when I was in my basement, and I was a designer and had my t-shirt line. I literally couldn’t even speak to people. I wouldn’t go out to the store, because I’d be working, working, working all the time, be alone so much that I’d have a panic attack going out to the store and having to be around people. But, when you partner up and you are with people of the same frame of mind, like we have the co-creation launchpad in our private community forum where people can buddy up and create their own events, their own get-togethers, whatever. When you come together with another force, (They say “Two is stronger that one, and three is the best that you can have,” right?) to make something, to bring something to life and this is kind of what Shari and I… This is going to be our story really. It’s two women, which is very unheard of, getting along in business and really becoming truly, humongously successful. But, we’re trying to teach people by walking our talk in this. It’s important that people have to understand, there is no competition between Shari and I. We only bring stuff to the table, to the table, to the table to feed everybody else. That’s what we do. It’s really important that people need to come together. That’s where I think you also feed off of each other’s energy, so when you hit those lows, like I know to cheer Shari up when she’s in a crap mood, she does the same for me. It happens, we’re human. Other stuff, our lives, our families, other stuff happens.

Dr. Gabby: The holidays happen.

Anna: Like the 31st of December! Oh for gosh sakes! I was telling Gabby about my dad closing on the 31st of December, I’m like “Yeah, I’m removing myself from that situation.” I think we pick our battles and we pick what makes us healthy and we pick what to focus on. By having a partner, we know how to redirect each other’s energy. When you are a solopreneur, it is a lot harder to refocus your energy when you are going down hill, having a bad day, or to think of a new project, or a new strategy, or a new plan, or a new roadmap. When you do have partners around or even people that you can trust, like your advisors or your mastermind, which is something we are trying to also again instill in our community, get a mastermind group going. 4 or 5 people, it’s so important. You need to open up. You can’t keep everything to yourself, because everyone has something unique to offer.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah! We’re going to have to wrap it up. That’s the perfect to end things. Because I totally agree with you. Everyone has something unique and the more lights we have shining, the brighter the whole thing is going to be, collectively. So, thank you again for your awesome advice and wisdom and energy. And, I hope that everyone checks out The Wellness Universe and all the amazing resources that you have available to them.

Anna: Thank you so much!

Shari: Thank you Gabby.

Anna: Thank you so much, we so appreciate you. Thank you.


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