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Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Emotional Freedom and Transformational Wealth Coach

Elizabeth Mary Hancock is an Emotional Freedom & Transformational Wealth Coach. She had a career in Human Resources before she became an EFT therapist. Elizabeth completed Margaret Lynch’s Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program and now she helps small business owners and budding entrepreneurs to release and clear the emotional and money blocks that are holding them back in her transformational one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Visit Elizabeth’s Website

Interview Transcript

Dr. Gabby: Welcome Elizabeth! Thanks for joining us.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you Gabby. It’s so lovely to be here. Hello everyone! And, thanks for that lovely introduction.

Dr. Gabby: I am a big fan of EFT, I was introduced to it in graduate school about 10 years ago and I’ve used it on and off for a long time. But, for those of us who are listening, who have never heard of EFT, can you explain a little bit about what it is and how it works?

Elizabeth: Yeah, sure. I will. So, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is often known as “tapping” and it’s basically that. It’s tapping – you use your fingers to tap on certain points along certain points around the face and head. Some people use the hands as well. These are points… I’ll explain it as simply as possible. These are basically points that calm the nervous system. So, when you have a reaction in your nervous system, so something triggers you to get nervous or embarrassed or scared, that reaction that you’re having is your fight or flight response. I like to describe it as “fight, flight, or freeze” response, because now a days, generally we can’t run away, it’s not really pc to fight anymore, and usually we just kind of freeze and we’re kind of frozen in fear a lot of the time. That is our very basic human… The way body works, is in the olden days when we were cavemen that used to keep us alive and we still have that nervous system running through our bodies that is doing exactly the same thing. So, every time we come across a situation that is potentially, or our subconscious thinks is potentially scary, it will react. Your nervous system will react and the idea is that it stops you doing it, because your subconscious wants you to keep safe, to stay safe. But, obviously in modern life that’s not very helpful a lot of the time; so it can really, really hold us back. The classic thing is getting nervous before a presentation, or feeling really embarrassed about I don’t know, a simple… you know how your body reacts when you meet someone that really quite like the look of and you get a bit… you know you start to blush and that kind of thing, it’s that response and tapping or EFT works just very, very simply to calm that response. Now, it works literally on that superficial level, but it also works on a much deeper level, a much more sort of complex level, on deeper issues that involve things like trauma and things that have happened to you that have kind of programmed the way you react to things. So, we do look back a lot into past programming and past events that are still having an impact on the way you’re living your life today and holding people back.

Dr. Gabby: Ok, so would you say that some of these experiences that we had affect our ability to start a business or grow a business or make money or things like that?

Elizabeth: Yes, absolutely. And, I know a lot of people will find this a bet of a stretch, but it will a lot with others. If you think about starting a new business, especially if you’ve been in a kind of safe corporate job, that’s quite a big step to take and you have to be quite a brave person to do that and, even the bravest people will have some kind of nervousness. Nerves can be can be very good, because they can create a bit of excitement and push us on and drive us forward to be successful. So, some people can kind of do the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ approach, but for other people it’s just a bit too hard and they might try that approach and they might get a certain distance, the might get a certain amount of success, but then they might reach a bit of a dead end and feel like “Oh, I’ve got so far, but I can’t quite make the step to the next level.” And, those are the kind of clients that I help; the ones that they know where they want to go, but they just can’t quite get there. I do help people as well that just are desperately wanting to do something and don’t quite know what it is and need to tap into their intuition, and their [5:41.9 conflict] goals, and visions, and all that kind of things. But, the really rewarding people are those people that, they want to do it, but they’re just… something is holding them back. And, they very often don’t know what that is, so part of the work I do is figuring out what that it is and then bringing in some of the tapping and other energy techniques that I use to clear the blocks and to allow them to move forward into their full potential and into success and ultimately making more money.

Dr. Gabby: That sounds really fascinating. So, you used to work in human resources, right? You used to make people redundant, and… How could give up all that? How did you move from working in that capacity to becoming an Emotional Freedom and Transformational Wealth Coach?

Elizabeth: So, it took me a while to see the link, actually. But, I did actually have to make 50 people redundant in one day once and the worse thing was, I had recruited most of them, because I was HR for a start-up and that was one of the worst days of my life, but then seeing those people through that process, which took a couple of months. You know, they got money and a lot them through some of the coaching I did with them and other people that we provided for them, they actually widened their horizons and most of them left with really good prospects or a great job to go to. But, it was doing that that I thought, “I’m kind of done with doing this kind of HR work,” so I went into more management and training and obviously that was on a corporate level, but it was still helping people with their limiting belief, with their management technique, which is still quite related to what I do now, as I said, even though I didn’t realize for awhile. So, when I had my first child, Isabelle, there was a massive restructuring (we had a new head of HR) and they didn’t want to make me redundant (I think they were a bit scared, because I was on maternity leave), but I kind of pushed for it, because I absolutely loved being a mother and I wanted a good break, I wanted the payout they were giving me, and I knew that I couldn’t go back to that kind of a job. You know, we’d moved out of London, I knew it wouldn’t balance with the kind of mother that I wanted to be, personally I couldn’t have coped with juggling that much. And, people do it and I mean all of them, I think they’re amazing; I’m certainly not against working mothers. For me, I knew… My husband had a really full on job and it wouldn’t have worked. So, then I had my second child and I discovered EFT, this technique just before I had him. I won’t go into detail, but I had a very horrible birth with my first child and I had what’s known as ‘birth trauma’ and discovered EFT through a birth trauma workshop. When I walked in, I just thought, “What on earth are these people doing, tapping on your face?” and I wanted to run away, but I couldn’t, so I went with it. And, 25 minutes later, I was absolutely fine about what had happened to me during Isabelle’s birth. I was booked in for a c-section (a cesarean), because I’d made such fuss, I didn’t want to go through it again, and then I was like, “Nope, I’m going to try for a natural birth and I ended up having a water birth with Josh and he was 10lb 3oz. So, it works, this EFT stuff really works.” Then, I thought, “I’m going to be trained in it,” because I loved it so much. I addressed so many issues that I thought I had addressed, but hadn’t really in the past. I’ve got a book coming out in a while and it tells you a bit more about where I came from and what kind of challenges I had and EFT just helped me with so many of them. I started working with clients, helping them with trauma, and limiting beliefs, and that kind of stuff. Then, I wanted to link it to the business side and I discovered Margaret Lynch, who I absolutely love, and did her training and ended up being able to help people on the business side, with their money blocks, which is the best work I’ve ever done. I absolutely love it.

Dr. Gabby: That’s so exciting. I looked up the Margaret Lynch program after I read your bio and I learned a little bit more about your training and that seems like a great foundation for helping people to address some of these money and business issues that they’re facing, whether it’s promoting themselves, or getting out and talking to new clients, or getting their finances in order, paying attention to the money they’re spending and the money they’re earning, right?

Elizabeth: Yes, absolutely. Margaret is so generous and so… She just doesn’t miss anything and if anyone’s interested in her programs, I’m an affiliate so access it through the link I give you. Because, she’s so generous, she gives us money to send people her way. She’s amazing and she’s kind of brought… making the link between tapping and money is, I think just genius. Because, a lot of the time we’re using it on past traumas and things like that, but it’s hard to identify what they are, because you don’t realize that something… You know, the way that your parents spoke about money has a direct impact on how you act around money and how you grow your business. Margaret’s done that work for us, so we’re just taking it forward and spreading the word and making more transformations, which is fabulous.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah. And so, after you did these trainings you decided, very bravely that you were going to set up a practice, right? You were going to start serving people, and coaching people, and so did you face challenges in getting set up and finding clients and building your website and all these things we have to do?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah I did. I mean I was already doing that before I started working with Margaret. Looking back it would have been so much easier, if I’d discovered Margaret first, because she would have basically done all that for me. And so, in the last year I’ve really taken everything I offer, put it together into packages, put it on line, like the ideal model and that’s been so (I’m not saying this to brag) but it’s been really easy emotionally. Hasn’t been easy work wise, it’s been really hard work this year, but it’s been easy emotionally in limiting belief and doubting myself wise, because I’ve done this work; so that’s been pretty easy. But, before I’d done this work, you know I was flooded with it’s going to be too much work, it’s going impact my relationship with my husband, because I’ll be really stressed, it’s going to impact my abilities to be a good mother, loads of different things. How are people going to view me if my business is successful? What if they know I’m trying and I fail? You know, they’re going to take the mickey out of me. I had tried a few different things at this point and people were like, “What is she doing now?” a lot of people only do one thing. So, all those were flooding through me and creating this stress and that was what was holding me back and so, doing this work, it just got rid of all that. It’s like, “Yeah, bring it on. What’s my next thing that I need to do now?” So, it’s great.

Dr. Gabby: I’ve heard that a lot with my students. I teach this Women in Wellness course and I wanted to give them really practical skills for the marketing, and the social media, and the blogging. And what I found on our weekly calls, when we were doing our group calls and reviewing our homework, was this thing that you’re describing about limiting beliefs and self-doubt. It seems like it’s a big issue for a lot practitioners and sometimes I think that they don’t even make the connection between the fact that they have an idea to write a book for the last 10 years and they’re not actually writing it. They don’t actually make those connections to the deeper limiting beliefs and self-doubt. So, I guess my question is how do we sort of shine a light on this, for people who are listening who it maybe is resonating that maybe there are some things holding them back? Or maybe their not quite sure what’s… How do we shine a light on this and really help people to become more successful and more prosperous? You know what I mean?

Elizabeth: Yeah, absolutely. And, it’s really hard, because I think a lot of the time people don’t realize that they have these issues. And, if they don’t realize, they don’t know what needs to be done, so programs like your are brilliant, because… And, I think a lot of business coaching programs out there end up being… the majority is about mindset and motivation, leadership, that kind of thing and once you’ve got that sorted, the rest can just happen. Or, you’re in such a place you find someone else to do it for you, because, I hate anything technical. So, how do we shine a light on that? I think there are a lot of really good free resources out there, but the problem with that is that there are so many that that in itself is overwhelming. So, I know one of the reasons I was stuck is because I kept thinking, “Oh, I can get this stuff from youtube or I’ve got that seminar that came to me through an email, webinar or whatever.” I would spend hours listening to all this stuff, but it would only give you a little bit and then it was just a sales pitch. That’s really hard. So, to be honest, I don’t think there’s any way of doing it on your own. If you’re in business, you need to get yourself a coach and you need to make sure that coach is the right person. So, you need to have a… you know, just trust your instincts, you need to have a good feeling about working with that person. They don’t need to be your best friend and sometimes you probably won’t like your coach, because that’s the whole idea, they push you so that you blast through your barriers and do what you need to do to be successful, but they will do it in a very supportive way and very nurturing. That’s how I work anyway and I know you do as well. So, it’s really hard to shine the light on it yourself. I do not believe anybody cannot afford a coach. I think you can always find the money or cut money somewhere else. But, if somebody is really struggling, then maybe buddy up with someone and coach each other. Especially, if we’re talking about people that want to be coaches themselves, how can you be a coach if you haven’t got a coach? It’s crazy really, isn’t it? That’s something I realized after a while. I didn’t have a coach and yet I was calling myself a coach; I was like, “That’s pretty ridiculous.” So, we all need pushing and you might work with a coach just for a year or two and then need another coach, because you’ve kind of outgrown that coach or grow with the coach or whatever. But, I really believe there’s someone out there for everyone and there are coaches who work on really different levels, different financial models, different group coaching, or individual coaching. There is someone out there for everyone.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah, I would say that that’s a theme that came up in all these conversations that I’ve been having during the summit, is the idea of support, the idea of mentorship, of having someone that can guide you and push you out of your comfort zone and then also surrounding yourself with like minded people who are on a similar journey. Because, like you mentioned, sometimes our family and friends can look at us like we’re crazy when we get another certification and set up another coaching business. It can be discouraging, because they don’t understand what we’re trying to do.

Elizabeth: Absolutely.

Dr. Gabby: But, that’s been a theme. Do you have a peer group? Do you have a mentor as part of your business?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I kind of have loads to be honest. I have my, what I call my business coach and he’s helped me grow my business on the marketing side and online. I still work with Margaret, just because I think she’s awesome and I’m working through her other programs and it’s audio so I listen to them while I’m running and it’s fabulous. I have an amazing VA, who’s really good on the technical side and because I talk to her so often, we bounce ideas off each other and that’s really helpful too. The other thing, you mentioned about family and friends there, I used to not really talk to my husband about my business. I’d think, “He’s not really into this whole woo-woo energy world that I’m in.” But, he’s actually given up his city job last year and he’s been able to follow his dream. I was able to support him in that, because I wasn’t filled with the fear of, “Oh my goodness! We’re losing all this money that he was earning” and all those kinds of things. So, doing this work has actually helped my relationship with him, because I haven’t got all these hang-ups or, “Oh well, he earns loads of money and I don’t.” We are more peers now. Because he’s at home, we share the childcare more. So, it’s just, again I keep saying, “It’s great,” but it is.

Dr. Gabby: It is. I think you have to be really passionate about the therapy or the practice or the modality that you’re doing in order for your business to be successful, because it’s that enthusiasm that will really be contagious and inspire people to work with you. You have to have that excitement I think.

Elizabeth: Yes. And, I think also, something else that’s just popped into my head about you talking about the support network, that kind of thing. If you join a group coaching program, you will have… usually they will have a Facebook group or a membership site, so even if you don’t get to meet face to face, the support that’s usually offered there is so important. So much so, I love the group model and I love the individual, so the program that I run is a combination of the both, which I think works fantastically, because you get the best of both worlds. As you know with your clients, you know when they’re together everyone bounces ideas off each other and lifts each other up and when one person’s struggling, the others will rescue and visa versa. It works really well.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah, that community piece I think is really significant. That’s another theme that came up in the conversations. It’s something about realizing we’re not the only one who’s struggling with something, we’re not the only one who has doubts, we’re not the only one who doesn’t understand something. Having that transparency and seeing that mirrored back to us, it seems to be very empowering.

Elizabeth: I completely agree. Absolutely.

Dr. Gabby: So, I’m wondering for you personally, what does it mean for your business or your life to be successful? Because, we’re approaching this from a holistic perspective, so I don’t think many of us are in this just to make millions of dollars and have a private plane. I think it’s a different value system. So for you, what does that mean?

Elizabeth: For me, it’s definitely about that feeling internally. So, just being truly happy with life where I am right now, appreciating it, living in the present moment, not getting hung up on things that would have really irritated me in the past, just knowing that… What I’m saying, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t got goals and ambitions, I have and they’re bigger than they’ve ever been. But, I know that I’m exactly where I should be right now. That’s a really nice… it’s such a lovely feeling inside, like deep in your heart you just think, “Yes, this is right.” The other thing is the transformation, witnessing that and seeing that in the people I coach. Seeing not just their businesses grow, but the way they change as people, seeing [23:22.5] I said about myself, obviously that’s the transformation my clients go through and that is just… That blows me away. They repair relationships, they’re less stressed, the become empowered, have a better relationship with their children, some lose weight. It all sounds quite dramatic, but people do that; it’s great, that’s how it works. So, for me it’s about that. I think prosperous I guess. Prosperous is kind of like feeling, just feeling contented and a bit lucky I guess. Like blessed, lucky is not the right word, but I feel very blessed. I feel blessed that things that have happened to me that haven’t been so great have actually led me to where I am now and there’s been a gift in every single one of those negative experiences. And a lot of that has been being able to help others through the same thing. Materiel wise, we love our holidays, so we live a fairly simple life, so that we can go on lots of nice holidays. They’re not flash holidays, but we like to go away and make memories with our children, so that’s important to me.

Dr. Gabby: And considering how good the weather is where you are, I’m sure you love to get away to sunnier places.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that’s a big thing. It’s certainly not “I want a private jet.” I’d like to travel first class every time I travel, but that’s not quite in the budget yet, but it might be one day. It’s not the flash cars, we have just ordered a new car, which I’m very excited about, but it’s not flash it’s just very practical and very nice. It’s as you say, it’s so much more than material stuff. I like to think that the world is changing a little bit and we’re putting more value on the important things. Maybe it’s just the people I hang out with now; through doing this work I’ve met so many amazing people like you. It’s more than just material things.

Dr. Gabby: So, other than doing EFT every time you feel that ‘fight or flight’ and getting a coach to make sure that you have that good support, is there anything else that comes to mind as advice for someone that’s just starting out or needs to have a breakthrough, they need to get to that next level? Any other tips?

Elizabeth: Yeah, as you said, get yourself a coach and if you know you’ve go money issues… You know it doesn’t necessarily have to be EFT, if you like what I’ve said then that’s great. EFT is great, because you can do it on your own and there are loads of videos on youtube, I’ve got a youtube channel and stuff. But, it’s a thousand times more powerful if you have someone directing you and getting to working the issues that you need to work on really. But, putting all that aside, I think one mistake I made last year was when I was in the middle of doing my first summit, like you are now, and it was so much work that I did quite a few nights not finishing work until 2 in the morning, going to bed so late, not sleeping because I was so wired, obviously working late, looking at your computer screen and just having all this stress running through my body, and I like to exercise first thing in the morning, and so that slipped and I was tired, so I was eating badly, I put on nearly ¾ of a stone (so I think that’s like over 10 pounds), and that was horrible, it was really hard to get my fitness back. So, now that is most of the time non-negotiable, I’m not perfect I do slip up sometimes, but I think trying to have that, it will help you in your business. If you can commit to an exercise program and a self-care program, that’s going to help you in your business. So, that to me is a really key thing. Then the other thing that has really helped me with overwhelm is, and again I’m not perfect, so I don’t do this all the time, but it’s something I get my clients to try and do is instead of writing a really long to-do list, you can have that, but you need to have it out of sight so you’re not looking at it all the time, because that can trigger overwhelm, but to have three things to do each day and only three things. If you do those three things, then you celebrate, and you do those three things first before you get distracted with emails, with Facebook, with anything else that you do. That’s really, really helped my balance if you like.

Dr. Gabby: That’s really great. I’m a big fan of self-care, I’ve been teaching that for a long time and I definitely see the value in celebrating the small things. Because, sometimes we’re working on these projects that take months, you know like a summit you’re planning it for so long and you have to celebrate the daily things that you accomplish, so that you maintain that enthusiasm and happiness. So, the way that you and I met was because you are also organizing and launching a summit. So, can you tell the listeners maybe how they can find out about you and your work and your summit that you’re launching, so that they can take advantage?

Elizabeth: So, I think mine, your listeners might catch the tail end of it, but if they can’t access it, that’s fine, because we’re going to give them a link to it. But the summit is called, “Think Big and Shine: How to create your dream business, release your blocks, and live your passion.” I chose that title because I feel that’s exactly where I am now and I’ve interviewed some amazing experts exactly like yourself, you included obviously, and just people that are really rocking it and they’re enjoying rocking. They are really living their passion. I just think now it’s so sad that people aren’t doing that. I think everyone can do that. So, that’s really exciting.

Dr. Gabby: That’s really exciting. And so, they can get that at elizabethmaryhancock.com?

Elizabeth: Yes, they can. There will be a link to it and I think that we can put on the email a link, so they can get access to it. We can sort that out for them.

Dr. Gabby: Excellent! Well, it’s been amazing talking to you and learning about EFT, and how to create more wealth, and release emotional blocks, and I hope that everyone goes and checks your work and hires you as a coach, so they can have more success. I would really enjoy for everyone to break through these things.

Elizabeth: Absolutely. It’s perfect timing actually, my one year program, which includes all of this work is launching soon, so if anyone wants to talk to me about that, then just get in touch, email me liz@elizabethmaryhancock.com and we can talk more about that. It’s been such a pleasure. Thank you Gabby. It’s been so nice to interview you and then you interview me, it’s lovely.

Dr. Gabby: Thank you so much!

Elizabeth: Thank you!


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