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Claire Zammit

Co-creator of Feminine Power

Claire Zammit is the co-founder of the transformational education company Evolving Wisdom which was ranked #83 on Inc Magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest growing companies in America that’s impacted over a million people. She’s the founder and leader of the Feminine Power courses and global community serving hundreds of thousands of woman in more than 100 countries from Asia, Europe, South America and of course the USA. More than 23,000 women have graduated from her acclaimed online courses, leadership trainings and coaching and facilitation certifications. Visit Claire’s Website

Interview Transcript

Dr. Gabby: Welcome Claire. Thank you for joining us.

Claire: Thank you so much Gabby. I just look up to you and admire you so much and you’re doing amazing work and you’re such an amazing leader in the world and I’m so grateful for the space you have created for all of us to be in such an important conversation.

Dr. Gabby: Yes, thank you. I really appreciate that and I have a creative crush on you as well, because I am so impressed with what you built, with the Feminine Power courses and Evolving Wisdom. I feel like you’ve forged such a unique path of entrepreneurship and of creativity that I think is rarely seen. So, I am so enamored with everything that you’ve created. I reached out to specifically because I feel as though you bring that feminine power and that feminine wisdom to what you do. And so, I was hoping that you could share with us how we use these feminine systems of power in our business, if we are creating a holistic business, or we’re becoming some kind of wellness provider. How do we do that successfully?

Claire: Sure. Well, I’d just love to share a little bit about my story, just to create a little bit of context for how I got here, because a little over 10 years ago was where I started. I started to feel a real kind of restlessness and depression and dissatisfaction, frustration, because I was kind of a smart, educated woman; I had all of these coaching certifications and graduate degrees, and I’d just started a PhD program and I was a spiritual practitioner. I had been doing all this work for such along time, but I had no way of making a living, in any way that was at all true to my values. I was in a kind of really bad relationship personally, like my life wasn’t flourishing and thriving. I just knew I had gifts and I had talents and I had a contribution to make, but I really had no idea how to go about getting that out of me. You know, it just kind was like, “There’s something I’m here to do, but I don’t really know what it is or how to go about it.” I would look in the paper for jobs and I was looking for a context to be myself and it was really frustrating, because I’d done all those things that I was supposed to do and I knew that I had things to offer. So, one night by candlelight I prayed, because I realized I hadn’t been able to figure this out from my mind, I really got to a place of surrender. I was like, “Ok, I can’t figure this out. How do I do it?” and I had a really mystical experience and I recognized a kind of deep in a voice and wisdom that said, “Claire you have to start making choices and taking actions as though you believe all of life is organizing around your success.” And so, the next morning I woke up and I was like, “Ok, well I have nothing left to lose at this point, so I may as well…” and I just really started to create from a very different place in myself, from a place of real deep listening, deep receptivity. And, immediately I had a kind of a deep inner knowing, “Go and get an office space, restart your coaching practice” and I just began to put one foot in front of the other and pretty soon all of these amazing things started to happen. I began to have a whole lot of insights about how to create with a very different system of power. One thing led to another and I began teaching, through that I met my husband and our work just expanded. It really began to kind of reach a global audience; we founded our global platform of Evolving Wisdom and have reached so many people. I kind of am in awe of what has happened as a result of that transformation from that moment. And I really only share that to just share how incredibly different my experience is today from where I first started in that moment, which was this kind of what I’ve come to call this ‘power paradox’ that women are feeling. On the one hand we feel powerful, intelligent, and capable and on the other hand we feel like we can’t necessarily get traction and or create an outer life that reflects and expresses these inner possibilities that we sense. So, what happened for me is I discovered how to create with a very different system of power, which is feminine power, which is what I now teach. And, just to kind of give the short version of what that is, it’s basically just the observation that really, the system of power that we’ve really grown up inside of our culture, is a system of power that is really had been sourced from logical, linear analysis, and kind of strategy in a step-by-step plan. It’s a masculine power system, which is really good and useful for creating a certain set of things, like if you want to build a house and you create a plan, you order the materials, you have a team and you assemble, then you follow the plan, you execute the plan, you have a house. So, this system of power is very good for creating those things, particularly in an external world that you can predict and control. The problem is something absolutely big and unprecedented is happening for women as the result of all the momentum and the gains of the past 50 years. Even though there’s a long way to go by global standards to level the playing field, there’s enough traction that women are feeling this incredible, millions of us are feeling this impulse to want to… We’re moving up Maslow’s hierarchy, we don’t want to just achieve and accomplish and have success, we want to self actualize. We want to realize our gifts, we want to create a higher order of creativity, we don’t just want to have power in the world as it is; we want to shape the world that could be. I found that there’s really 8 key areas that women, that we’re really yearning for. What’s waking up is this authentic sense of confidence and presence that we’re a being and we’re showing up as the women we came here to be, where we have relationships, where we feel really secure, where we’re loved unconditionally for who we are and they’re growth oriented relationships. We’re really supported to fully become ourselves, where we have a connection to our calling, we’ve discovered what we’re really brilliant at and we’ve developed that brilliance in ways that we can then give those gifts that make a difference. We want to have careers that really match our values, ways of making a living that really match the core things that we care about. We want to be able to manifest and create those experiences for fun, for play, for connection, to really enjoy this amazing, beautiful world. If, we always wanted to go to Paris or to walk the Inca trail that, we have the resources to actually create these amazing experiences. We want to realize our higher spiritual nature and really express that, to really have a deep connection to the infinite and an awareness of who we are and why we’re here that’s just beyond our small selves. And finally, we want to really participate in social transformation, we want to leave a legacy of a life of leaving a world better than we found it. So, this is really what a feminine version of success looks like or authentic success looks like. If you bring that all together, these are the yearnings that we have. And, we can’t create these higher order of things with the power system that got us this far, we actually need to source from a power system that is feminine, that is intuitive, that is creative. You know, feminine power is really the power to create what can’t be controlled; it’s really the power to create the conditions in which this higher order of potentials can really emerge. So, when I saw that, when I understood that was what was happening in myself, like I really made it my mission in life to figure out how to actually teach women how to awaken and create with this system of power in their life, in their leadership, in their businesses. We have women in all of these different arenas and this has really been the foundation for my work and my passion, so I’m really excited to be here and have an opportunity to share about it with you.

Dr. Gabby: I just, I love everything that you say. I feel it in my body when you’re talking. When you talked about your personal journey, one of the things that I heard you say was that you were sort of using a model initially that wasn’t working. Maybe it was too much struggle or too much trying to force it with your mind and then I heard in the transformation process, it sounded like there was a real surrender, which then kind of allowed you to go into this receptivity. Is that what you’re describing, was this sort of a …?

Claire: Yeah! I think so. There’s a whole way to unlock a feminine power system and the first thing really has to do with connecting with your self, with the energy intelligence of life, with others. You’re actually creating in a new way. But, I think the core of it is that we’ve been trying to figure it out with our mind, right? I was in these conversations for years, “What are you good at? What could you make a living doing? What could you…?” But, I wasn’t really connected to the true desires that I had and I wasn’t listening to a deeper intuitive knowing about what my own unique destiny is. I think that’s the yearning, the yearning is like a rose seed wants to become a rose, an acorn wants to become an oak tree, we’re yearning to become ourselves and we need to source that from a much deeper place than our mind, because the truth is most of us don’t necessarily know what it will look like for our gifts to be expressed. Right? So, I could never have even put myself teaching women about a feminine power on a vision board, to know that that was the future I wanted to create. Right? But, I began to listen, I began to trust, I began to open up to receive support and began to create in a very different way. And, I think when you do that it’s like these potentialities really become emergent. So…

Dr. Gabby: Yeah, and I love the metaphor of this process of finding your purpose and your career and your business as part of the self-actualization process. Right?

Claire: Right.

Dr. Gabby: They have this sort of symbiotic relationship.

Claire: Yeah, and I think that’s the yearning. I think the impulse that the majority of the women that I see starting their businesses, is that we’re wanting to create a context in which we can become ourselves and we can express our self. Right? So, the majority of women that I see who are starting businesses, we’re following this impulse to self-actualize as opposed to “Wow! I see this great big market opportunity that I could go into and I could crush it.” Not that there’s anything wrong or bad with that, but that’s not fundamentally where we’re coming from. We can’t go and get a job that would enable us to bring our full gifts and talents, most of us, right? We have to… It’s very different… You know I was actually talking about this recently with Barbara Marx Hubbard, she’s complete non secular, she just said this thing, she said, “It’s actually almost impossible to self-actualize without becoming an entrepreneur.”

Dr. Gabby: That’s beautiful.

Claire: I’ve been observing that, right? I’ve been really observing that, because it’s like we need a context, we’re creating a context in which we can make a living becoming our self and giving our gifts.

Dr. Gabby: That’s really powerful. That really resonates with me as well. And so, some of the implications then for the beginners, for the people who are starting off on this path of entrepreneurship/self-actualization, what are some of the things that they need to be aware of to be a successful change agent?

Claire: Yeah. So, I’ve been thinking about this and it’s like, so I think beginning to… I could speak for…

Dr. Gabby: Hours?

Claire: … weeks about creating with a feminine power system. So, I think the first thing to know… The first thing I want everyone to know is that the gifts, the talents, the potential that you can feel but not necessarily see, that that is real. The struggles and the challenges that you’ve been have to bring that out and create a life that reflects your possibilities, it’s not a personal failure that this is hard. We’re amongst the first generations of women to have this incredible opportunity with the freedom and the resources and the education to be able to step in and really generate this higher possibility. So, I want to invite all of us to see ourselves as pioneers. Right? We’re pioneering this new way of creating, this new way of showing up. I think to be successful, I think… There’s four key things I’ve seen to be able to create a business that is really successful on every measure and that you can support, and you can make a difference, you can really give your gifts to others in ways that make a really thriving livelihood. The first thing is that I think you do need to really master or be on a path of continuing to master what it is that you have to give. Right? So, it’s being on a… like if you’re a coach, if you’re a healer, if you’re a holistic practitioner, (I know that’s the group of women that are here) you are on a pathway to continuously develop your ability to really give your gift out to the world. There’s a lot of information about running online businesses and marketing, and I think that if I look at what enabled me to have an impact when I had those opportunities was that I had 10 years of really solid practice and development. So, I think all of the work that you’ve done yourself and the work you have done to prepare yourself to really serve people, and to see that as a never-ending journey of continuing to become. And, I think the goal for every woman should be to really become world class at what you have to offer and that you’re really standing for that level of growth. Practice development really is the foundation. So, if you’re already there, you can just move on to the next thing I’m going to say. So, if you feel like you’re not quite there yet, investing in have structures in your life, where you can continue to get really masterful at what you do, I think is really important and really, really good to do. The women that I’ve seen be really successful at all of these other things have had that kind of depth and breadth of experience. So, it’s kind of a paradox, where by you also learn by doing, so you have enough to get started. I mean, when I started my coaching practice over 10 years ago, I was just aware of “Well gosh, I still have so much that I want to develop.” So, it’s holding this tension in a really powerful way of recognizing something really valuable to offer right now and I’m still learning, growing, and developing and my commitment is to really master my craft or what it is that I have to offer. Does that make sense?

Dr. Gabby: Absolutely. Because, I have a lot of newbies that take a weekend workshop in aroma therapy and then put a website and they’re like, “Where’s my business?” It’s great, you have to start somewhere, but building something that has longevity, has sustainability, has impact, has power, is really about, “Ok, we’ve got to do this for the next 10, 20, 30 years, become a master in this.”

Claire: Yeah. That’s exactly it. When I launched online and we had our huge kind of explosion online, I had been coaching and mentoring six nights a week, with a full time practice for years in the trenches with these women that I was supporting, so that when I went broader I had that opportunity to expand, I’d really developed myself. So, it’s really… And, I think part of it is this orientation of really taking seriously the contribution, the impact that you can have by really seeing everything you’re doing as being in training for the future. I still see myself in that way now. So, my inner experience is not, “Oh, I’m this great leader and aren’t I awesome,” my inner experience is like I’m always aware of where I can keep getting better and where I can keep expanding and developing and where I can keep learning and growing. So, it’s this relationship to your ongoing development of your capacity to give, to impact, to contribute as something that’s like a deep commitment. Yes, I can start right away and how can I keep investing in myself, investing in my development, investing in my growth. Going and taking that workshop that’s going to expand your skill set, going and doing that extra training, all of these things become an inner well of riches to draw upon into everything else that you’re doing.

Dr. Gabby: Wow! Ok and how about some of the other stuff?

Claire: So, the first thing you need. The second thing you need, you really need business systems. You really need to have… You need to know what your business model is. Firstly, “What is it that I have to offer? What do I have to offer,” whether it’s private coaching, if it’s packages, you need to figure out what are the services that you’re going to offer and provide. And then you need to know “How am I going to connect with new people that might be interested in what I have to offer?” and really forge a connection to them either in person or online. And then, “How do I have conversations, or how do I communicate with those people in ways that make the value of what I have to offer really visible, that invite and inspire those people who my services are really going to help to want to take action?” Then obviously, you have to be deliver on what you promise, which is where the first thing I said is the foundation for it. Right? You need to have business systems and so, I think a lot of women, we just have this impulse and we’re just out of our minds with this impulse to actualize and to serve and to support and to give, and we don’t know what our actual business structure… what our offers are, how we’re going to connect with new people, and how we’re going to invite those people to come and become our clients. So, getting really clear about what that is and developing your ability to skillfully work on all of those areas is really, really important to be able to really turn this into a business and really turn this into a successful business, where you will ultimately have the opportunity to really impact people with what you have to contribute.

Dr. Gabby: Right, and that’s part of your ongoing self-study. If you’re running a business, then part of your development is the ongoing study of sales and marketing and business strategy and problem solving, and the things that come with that territory.

Claire: Yeah, and that leads us to the third area, which is to have a mindset, I really call this ‘leadership’ ultimately, these are kind of leadership skills. It’s having the frameworks to orient towards creating success. So, here’s the big tension, the tension is that women, in this conversation, we started our businesses primarily not to make money, but primarily to want to contribute, to want to serve. We’ve rejected a lot of those kind of corporate values or kind of structures in the world that are just about making money, so it lives as a tension inside of us. There are all of these different tensions that I see for women about wanting to have a success of your business, and wanting to make money, and to make a living, and that’s a really wonderful and important thing to want and have and then, how that intersects with the impulse to want to serve. Right? “But, I also just want to help people. I want to really serve people, but I’m benefiting from that, but I’m serving people, but I’m enrolling people, I’m marketing and I’m enrolling. That doesn’t really feel good for me.” There’s all of these inner tensions around also, for women, around money and around success. There’s all of these studies about how if we’re successful, if we have money it means that we are going to be judged, that people are going to think that we’re selfish, that we’re out for ourselves. When we’re trying to grow and expand we employ other people and there are all of these tensions around getting our own needs met versus we’re caretaking people. So, there’s all of this stuff for us as women, in terms of like what are the mindsets and the orientations that create success, because we just can’t go back to the old way. Right?

Dr. Gabby: It doesn’t work.

Claire: We can’t just go back to, “Well, sell, sell, sell, bottom line…” that’s why we left our corporate jobs or never pursued those in the first place. Right? Also, then what that leaves us left with all too often we’re over giving and under charging and we have all of this talent… Like me and you, we’re professional but we sell things.

Dr. Gabby: Yeah.

Claire: With all of this capacity and all of this money invested in our education and we’re eking out a living, barely able to survive and support ourselves, right? That’s what’s happened on the other hand. So, we can’t skip over this, I think that’s the thing that I want to say. We can’t actually skip over this and try to, “Well I’m going to go and build my business on top of this without really having a breakthrough in this area.” So, I think it’s connecting to a much deeper truth. I mean this is the kind of work that I do with women in all of my trainings and programs, is really about these mindset shifts, the shift in the power system, and how you’re orienting and how you’re operating. But, I think in the time we have today a couple of things to get started with I think is to really connect with the desire that you have to want to serve and contribute and really what that would look like and what that would feel like. And, really connect with the desire that you have for your own success and to be able to make a living and to be able to recognize that these two things are not at all mutually exclusive.

Dr. Gabby: And to let go of that shame of that we carry and to go to a deeper place with all of this. So often I just hear… I love how you describe it as a tension, this tension and with that tension comes this shame and embarrassment and confusion, because everyone thinks they’re the only one who’s feeling that way.

Claire: Right, exactly. So, you know this is not your fault, that you have all of these feelings. It’s actually like when we see the larger context of it; this is part of our larger story as women, kind of moving in. So, we’re pioneers, so we can see ourselves as leaders, that’s an immediate shift that we can do in being able to recognize and resolve the tension. The deeper truth is that your clients are going to benefit much more by making an investment in your services. That’s the thing I’ve seen, over and over again. And, that marketing and sales and enrollment, all you’re doing is your making the value and the opportunity really visible and helping people decide if this is for them or not. That’s it.

Dr. Gabby: Absolutely.

Claire: And so, you can really stand in a place of service. I think going through these shifts gives you an inner congruence to be able to really speak in a way that is very open, clear, transparent, congruent. And, I think the other thing is to really embrace that you’re in a business primarily to make a living. You’re in a business, on a foundational level, to be able to support yourself and to make a living and secondarily, to be able to really serve and contribute. I say that because it’s counter to what our instinct is. Our instinct is to want to serve and to want to give and that’s kind of the first place that our attention is, but I think when you’re running a business you want to start and fasten your own oxygen mask first so to speak and recognize the first goal in your business… It shouldn’t be about impacting a million people, it shouldn’t be about changing the world, the first primary goal in your business should be becoming a working artist. Meaning, what is the level that your business needs to get to where you can really comfortably have your survival needs met. And, your first focus in your business should be looking at how you can leverage your skills, your experience and create a business model and process that’s going to be the easiest way that you can get to that first level.

Dr. Gabby: I’ve heard a couple of people recently, like Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo and some other people saying, how until their art, as you describe it, could provide that living, they did other work to care for their arts. So, they did what they needed to do, so that they had the roof over their head, they had the food, and their art was protected. They were still doing their art, but until that art was sustainable and was something that they could do as a living, they were responsible and took care of it in whatever way they could.

Claire: Yes. So, this is the difference between your calling and your career. Right? So, your career is what you’re doing to make money, career is what you’re doing to support yourself. Your calling is you giving your gifts and developing your gifts in ways that really impact other people. Now, sometimes these partially oversect, sometimes they completely oversect and sometimes they don’t oversect at all. And, I think it is really important if you’re getting started to separate that out and to recognize, “Well gosh…” you might not yet be at that level of mastery for what your calling is, but you’re going to turn this into a career, so maybe it’s better to do something else…

Dr. Gabby: Right.

Claire: … to make money, while you do the first thing. While you actually develop more, study, or it might be that what’s going to get you to the level of expertise, where you have something to really contribute is that you are running free practice groups. You’re not trying to turn that into a business right away and that’s going to give you your experience to be able to do that. There’s absolutely no shame in having a job to support yourself while you’re looking at how you can transition into this other thing.

Dr. Gabby: Exactly. “Doing the side hustle,” as they call it.

Claire: Yeah. I think it should always be… I just want to come back to this thing, like what’s the easiest thing you could do to really get your foundational needs covered? I think once that you get to that level in your business, where you have your foundational needs covered, you can then be thinking about, “Well, what are the things that I can do that are even more aligned with my calling, and what I’m here to contribute, and what I’m up to on the deepest level?”

Dr. Gabby: And plan it. So, let’s talk about the fourth piece of the puzzle.

Claire: So, the fourth piece is that… So, to do steps 1, 2, and 3 successfully, so to really master your craft, to really develop business systems and really develop your ability with those, to really step into success mindsets, you really need a community. You really need to do this, especially with other women who are as committed as you are to actualizing their potentials and making a difference with their gifts, and creating a successful life. In Feminine Power we call it “becoming power partners.” There’s a level where we can come together with other women, where it’s beyond just being girlfriends and cheerleading each other, where we’re actually partners in who we’re becoming. And especially, I feel like I want to talk about this a little more, is most people in our lives they relate to us in terms of who they’ve known us to be in the present and the past. So, most people in our lives, they kind of see you as who you are now and who you’ve been in the past. Have you ever had that experience, you see people who knew you when you were in high school and they relate to you like you’re still that person and it kind of calls out and draws out that person in you? So, likewise it’s that same principle, but really applied to who we’re becoming. So, we need to really forge relationships with other people who can actually start to see us, and mirror back to us, and relate to us inside of who we are becoming. Right? So, that’s the foundation for power partnerships. So, here I am, I’m a world leader and I want to really impact and change the world, so you have someone in your life who is relating to you in ways that are consistent with that vision and you can really share with each other. The actions that you’re taking are in alignment with that vision, but most of all learning and development at the deepest level, really comes through conversation. So, how I developed my skills as a teacher, as a facilitator, how I developed how to figure out what my business systems were, how I kind of broke through and overcame a lot these inner tensions, all of it was in conversation with power partners. Like, “Hey, I’m having this thing come up, where I feel really bad about this. Do you ever experience that? How do you overcome it?,” you’re in conversation or you’re at an event and you’re leading a group and you’re debriefing it “Well, I kind of felt like I missed the mark on that thing that I did and what do you do when you lead groups? How do you handle that?” Or, “Hey I have this great idea for a new program I want to offer, what do you think about that?” I think it makes the difference in being able to integrate and apply and succeed with this, is that we have these kinds of relationships. None of us can become our selves by ourselves and in the realm of being able to actualize these larger possibilities, because this is what it is, we’re not in a conversation about how do we start a business to sell widgets and make some money and… That’s not where we are, we want… How do we actualize and create these thriving, beautiful, and exquisite lives, and have a structure in our life to do it? So, that’s only something that can be created. We have to grow it in our lives, we have to grow it in ourselves, it happens through us. And, to midwife this higher order of growth and development is something that we really need to do with other people.

Dr. Gabby: And, I love this piece because to me it parallels a lot of the literature or theory about self-actualization in terms of you have the work that you do on your own. Like you have to sit and do your meditation and you have to learn all those skills to manage your mind and your emotions and take care of your body. But then, you need the relationship so that something is being mirrored back to you, so that you can see yourself reflected in someone else, so that you have that relationship.

Claire: Exactly, exactly. Yeah!

Dr. Gabby: You can’t do just the relationship or just the self-care.

Claire: Yeah.

Dr. Gabby: You have to do both of those things.

Claire: Exactly! And, you need someone who will stay up with you at one o’clock in the morning your book proposal when you have a meeting an editor the next morning. But seriously, this is the difference that makes the difference and they show up and they give you this critical feedback in reflection that might help you nail it. The highest creativity… Everyone I know who’s like operating, and working, and impacting at a high level is really doing it in this collaborative matrix. So, yeah! We kind of … again this is part of moving into a new power system, right? In the masculine power system it just celebrates the power of individual and we’re taught to feel weak and insufficient if we can’t do it by ourselves, but I really want to tell everyone, you really can’t become your self by yourself. I was unable to create all of this and develop all of these ways without this kind of support and collaboration. And so, there’s things that we have to let go of to open ourselves to that. I really used to think I was kind of a loser, because I needed help and … But, here’s my power statement, the more support I receive, the more powerful I become.

Dr. Gabby: Well, you’re definitely the most powerful woman that I know. So, whatever you’re doing is working. And, unfortunately, we are running out of time for our conversation. I want you to share how the listeners can connect with you, follow you, or be part of what you’re doing. Is there some way that they can get in touch?

Claire: Thanks Gabby. Awesome! Well, the first thing is if you visit FemininePower.com there’s a 75 minute audio, where I go into much greater depth in how to awaken (it’s a free audio), I guide you through the process of what it is to awaken the three power centers of feminine power and really the kind of nuts and bolts, so to speak, of creating with a feminine system of power. When you register for that free audio, you’ll also join our mailing list and hear about our seven-week digital course. I kind of teach a process of awakening feminine power in a seven-week course. Next year, for the first time in many years, I actually will be offering some advanced feminine power certification training. So, I’m offering a transformational coaching training and facilitation training and women’s leadership training, where we’re going to be really diving much deeper into many of the things that we worked with today. And, we really do create all of our programs inside of this context of learning community and this culture of women really standing with each other as power partners. So, I wanted to just invite you to come join our tribe and register for the free audio at FemininePower.com.

Dr. Gabby: I want to encourage everyone definitely to do that. I’ve listened to that audio and other audios and everything is such a high quality. You know sometimes you a get a “free gift, free audio, free something” and your listening and your like, “this is not even useful to me,” but everything that you create I find a lot of value to. It’s a really high quality.

Claire: Thanks Gabby! And, remember number one! That’s what you need to be developing that and giving that out to really be able to contribute with these opportunities. But, just in final words here, I just want to say that right here, right now you have the power to realize nothing less than the greatest possibility of your life, the extent to which our world is not working, is the extent to which you are not actualizing your gift. Each one of us has a contribution to make that is world changing. Gabby you are an amazing mentor, guide, host, the work that you’re doing and you’re providing, and that you really are living everything that I talked about today in who you are and the opportunities that you’re creating for women to really actualize their potentials, impact with their gifts, and make a really thriving living. So, I feel really honored to be connected to you and incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be here today to share.

Dr. Gabby: Thank you! I’m really flattered by your kind words. It really means a lot.


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